İntera Bilişim; with its modern and innovative approaches in the field of information technologies, offers licensing, technology consultancy, system integration and value-added support services to its customers and other Microsoft partners in the national market. Having served since 2003, İntera Bilişim continues its activities to be always better, with its innovative approach always open for improvement.

To add variation to the goal of İntera Bilişim which is to be better with its innovative approach, open for improvement, we now support our customers with our quality, stock management, traceability, capacity planning applications in the software development and consultancy.

İntera Bilişim was included into Microsoft ecosystem as a Gold Partner in 2005. In 2007, it acquired VAR (Value Added Reseller) status. In 2008, it was the first Gold SAM partner within the Microsoft Gold Partners in Turkey. As the results of the works İntera Bilişim has performed for years, in 2015, it was elected as a Member of Global Microsoft SAM Advisory Council.

By undertaking an important mission in “Cloud Conversion”, İntera Bilişim provides its consultancy and supporting services according to its knowledge and experience to the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Corporate customers so that they can monitor the developments in the sector closely, and use the technology with more yield.

Knowing that the Digital Transformation which is the priority of todays and tomorrows worlds, is not enough for the Cloud Transformation by itself only, and knowing that it is necessary to develop the whole infrastructures of the corporations, their human resources and processes should be digitalized, İntera Bilişim still continues to serve its Digital Transformation Consultancy.

As İntera Bilişim, our priority is to make a communication focused on the trust with our customers, and to respond to their needs in the fastest manner and with the state-of-art technology. We are a squad always prioritizing the long-term partners, always open for improvement and always keeping ourselves up-to-date. We are an institution that loves to share information, believing that information is a right that everybody should have access to. As İntera, we know that our reason of existence is our customers and partners. Therefore, we are projecting this notion in our communication and work models to our shareholders. We are always here for the new technologies, with you.